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Article on Domestic Violence:  By Suzanne Smith re: the murder of her sister
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    A Love That Kills is a powerful documentary that tells the tragic story of Monica Drake, a 19 year old woman who was murdered by her former boyfriend.   A co-production of Documentary Productions Ltd. and the National Film Board of Canada in association with Ontario Women's Directorate and with the participation of CAVEAT and British Columbia Ministry of Women's Equality.
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    Fatal Mistakes: the Disturbing Events that led to the Murder of Nina de Villiers and a Nationwide Campaign Against Violence was written by respected crime writer and bestselling author, Kevin Marron, and published by Doubleday. It provides a hard-hitting, insightful look at two disparate lives and the (in)actions of authorities in the health, social and justice systems involved in the sad and needless death of Nina de Villiers.
    ISBN: 0385254393


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