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After 10 years CAVEAT closes. 
The CAVEAT Final Report: A goodbye and summation of CAVEAT's work and achievements.

Mission Statement

CAVEAT is a grass-roots charitable organization serving as a non-partisan voice for all Canadians, working together for safety, peace, and justice.


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Corporate Structure

CAVEAT was incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization in June, 1992 and received its charitable designation in October, 1992. The organization is governed by a volunteer board, of which Priscilla de Villiers is President. Professional staff and numerous volunteers manage the company and coordinate its various programs.

Sponsorships & Funding

Our means of support is a community of Canadian shaken by senseless acts of violence and injustice. Our membership consists of victims, the general public, and includes a large youth contingent. The fact that over 80% of our members are not yet direct victims of violent crime gives our work balance and perspective. It shows that Canadians are deeply concerned about crime and public safety.


CAVEAT is proud to be a member of:

    World Society of Victimology, Germany
    National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), Washington, D.C.
    National Victim Center, Forth Worth, Texas
    National Justice Network, Ottawa
    Bereavement Ontario Network
    Crime Prevention Ontario


Priscilla de Villiers  
Dorothy Leonard
Johanne Cyr-Wright
Diane Escott
Carol Niu
Sandra Jones
Executive Director
Program Coordinator
Administrative Coordinator
Director of Development

Board of Directors

Marion Standret
Dick Johnston
Charlotte Meissner
David Bruckmann
Ben Doyle
Peter Jones
Ed Leonard
Michael Paul
Jason Reynar
Heiner Rogge
Al Saunders
Dawna Speers
Chairman of the Board 
Corporate Secretary

CAVEAT's Regional Offices

CAVEAT has a regional office in Langley, BC.
Go to the CAVEAT BC Website

Contact CAVEAT BC.

For More Information

For further information regarding CAVEAT you can take a look at our Chronicle , or please feel free to contact us.


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