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For full information on CAVEAT's educational programs, please see: CAVEAT's Final Report or our Publications area

"TOOLS OF AWARENESS" Information on this project is now available at the Speers Society website .

CAVEAT worked extensively in research and training with and for victims of crime. You can read about our workshops, past training sessions and other projects from documents in our Publications area.

CAVEAT developed its educational programmes in response to the expressed needs of the community. We used first hand information from victims of violence, current research, and a network of experts from many disciplines to plan our initiatives.

Our crime prevention workshops and forums examined both prevention and response strategies. We focused on increasing awareness of issues, learning prevention skills, and developing early identification and intervention strategies. We strived to clarify the justice process and assist in accessing the information and services available in the community.

We presented both professionals and victims as workshop speakers, who shared their wisdom and expertise. Participants gained knowledge and strategies that were designed to enhance their personal safety and well being and increase their appropriate and effective response to violent crime and victims of crime.

Past  Workshops

 Impact of Victimization
Violent crime has an enormous impact on the victim, the family, and the community.The physical and psychological trauma of the initial crime is magnified by revictimization that often results from a confusing journey through the justice system and the ineffective support network available. This workshop seeks to heighten our awareness of the impact of violent crime, and suggest measures to decrease the victimization.

 Criminal Harassment
"Stalking" is a serious and widespread crime. This workshop identifies some of the early warning behaviours and suggests some prevention and early intervention strategies. The role that childhood bullying plays in future criminal harassment is explored.Threat assessment and case management techniques are discussed and clarification of the process to prosecution is examined.

 Workplace Harassment
Workplace harassment has enormous consequences for the victim as well as the corporation. This workshop includes effective policy development, strategies to inform, educate and train, early intervention, alternative dispute resolution and formal investigation procedures.

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